Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thing 23

Thing 23 is about creative commons. Creative commons are pictures that are legal for anyone to borrow, adapt,and use for their own creations. Creative commons allows users to use pictures and other visual tools legally without being subject to a copyright infringement. This is a great way for teachers to use visual images without stealing someone's work. Teaching our students about moral issues is a great way to help mold their future in a positive way.

Thing 22

This thing is about Live binders. Livebinders allow you to store websites, pdfs, word documents, and images in a convenient digital binder that is stored online. This is a great resource for teachers. Using Livebinders I created two binders:Tips for educators and General education.The Tips for Educators binder encompasses materials that were helpful for teachers. Articles for tips about good time management skills, organization skills, and motivation are in thins binder. In the general education binder I placed things that were not specifically related to a subject but articles that I found would be useful in the classroom for the students regardless of subject matter. I think that this could be a great to help keep educators organized!

Thing 21

 Thing 21 is about creating videos! Using is fast and easy. Go to the website and log in using your Facebook. Animoto accesses your pictures and allows you to create videos in a fun and easy way. This could be a great way to end the year, recapping the classroom events throughout the year in a video presentation.

My Facebook pics

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thing 20

Thing 20 is about youtube. Chances are that everyone has heard of youtube. In case you haven’t, youtube is an online video channel that allows users to upload and view videos anywhere anytime. Many celebrities have been discovered through, uploads to youtube. The trouble with youtube is that many schools internet have the website blocked because with so many uploads, they are not all appropriate.  Teachertube is great way to find safe and appropriate videos in school. Nevertheless many quality educational videos are on youtube. Visual tools are a great way to access an lesson fast. I choose a video that presents a vast amount of information in a short period of time.

Did You Know 3.0 (Officially updated for 2012) HD

Thing 19

Thing 19 is about Teacherpop describes itself as “A network, a place for preservice and inservice teachers to communicate and share ideas for building professional online profiles.” Teachpop is great online community. Unlike Facebook and twitter Teacherpop profiles must be approved before they can be operational. Teacherpop is a more efficient way to collaborate with teachers from all around the country. This website is completely free and easy to set up. Teacherpop also allows you to connect with different channels. I like the craft channel  and the cooking channel “Tasty Kitchen”. 

Thing 18

Thing 18 is about social media. Facebook is the fastest growing internet sensation since AOL. Many apps and other website may be accessed by simply logging in with your Facebook information. Facebook allows users to create list of people to share information with. Users can also create groups to control what is uploaded. This list feature could be a great tool to establish better communication among parents and staff. I would recommend not adding your students as friends; after all it is important that your students see you with more authority than friendship. Just like any tool on the internet, be sure that your guard of discretion is up so that you are not taken advantage of or misinterpreted in any way. The internet can be a blessing and Facebook can be a great tool, if they are both handled properly.