Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thing 1

As a teacher-to-be, it is important to establish the habit of making every new experience a learning opportunity. Lifelong learning is one of the principles educators use every day. In this video I learned what habits I have, and other habits that I need to learn to further develop. One of the habits that noticed that I have always had was viewing problems as challenges. When I encounter a problem in school or at home I face the problem head on as if it is a challenge that I need to win. When you view problems as challenges it helps you to not get sad about the possibility of defeat but excited about possibility of winning the challenge and remembering the challenge so that the next time something familiar to it is encountered, it can swiftly be overcame. Another lifelong learning habit of mine is that I have always used technology to my advantage. Being born in ’91 I have always known how to use a computer. I have seen all the changes made to the internet and technology and I am pretty good at mastering a website or computer program pretty fast. I have a smart phone that I am constantly using to check school email, research problems, and to entertain. Technology is such a great resource that it is becoming more pertinent every day, and to not know how to use it would be such a great waste of resources.  Since I have such a passion for teaching I find that one of the best learning habits is mentoring and teaching others. When you teach a lesson or help explain homework to a person you learn from them. By students asking me questions, while substitute teaching, I learn to think about things differently. One of the hardest learning habits is to take responsibility for your own education. I have always been difficult for me to learn by reading, I am more of a hands on learner. I learn through example and through instruction better than by studying by myself.