Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thing 16

This blog is going to be about Web 2.0 and one of my favorite things, organization!
The challenge for this blog was to create a customized start page on a program like Google or Netvibes. As mentioned in my previous blogs I love Google, so i customized my I-Google start page. I really like how you can customize what is on your page without it being already set up to things I don't care to see such as, stocks.
To be a little further organized I also set up a Google Calendar, this calendar works with my email and sets up my appointments on my phone automatically. This is such a valuable tool to have as a student, that I can only imagine how its potential can be utilized as I grow busier!
If you’re a list creator like my dad and my husband, then a website such as Remember the Milk can be very beneficial in getting you organized. This could be a very useful tool for field trips and other list to help stay organized.