Monday, October 1, 2012

Thing 15

Thing 15 is all about Wikis! 
A wiki is a collaborative website that allows users to easily add, remove, and edit information. The best know Wiki is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia. Educators could use wiki to create a homepage for their classroom. Teachers could create a home page to plan fundraisers, field trips, food drives, and homework information for the week. In a couple of my classes in college I have had teachers require us to check their wikispace instead of using elearn or the school website. Professors do this because unlike the school site that is updated every year/semester a wikispace can stay forever with the same content and assignments. Teachers could use wikispace to create a online scavenger hunt. Teachers could also create a wiki to provide information or resources for a research paper or project. I created a space using My space is at My space is about Home decor and Do it yourself crafts!

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