Monday, October 1, 2012

Thing 15

Thing 15 is all about Wikis! 
A wiki is a collaborative website that allows users to easily add, remove, and edit information. The best know Wiki is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia. Educators could use wiki to create a homepage for their classroom. Teachers could create a home page to plan fundraisers, field trips, food drives, and homework information for the week. In a couple of my classes in college I have had teachers require us to check their wikispace instead of using elearn or the school website. Professors do this because unlike the school site that is updated every year/semester a wikispace can stay forever with the same content and assignments. Teachers could use wikispace to create a online scavenger hunt. Teachers could also create a wiki to provide information or resources for a research paper or project. I created a space using My space is at My space is about Home decor and Do it yourself crafts!

Thing 14

Thing 14 is about Flow chart and mind maps. Flow charts are great tools for staying organized. Mind maps are great tools for illustrating thoughts. I visited and created a brainstorming document about my blog. was free and is a great way to record your brainstorming without using pencils and paper. organizes all your brainstorming ideas in one place. The other website I visited was On you can create many different types of graphic organizers and floor plans. was a great tool for again, staying organized! Staying organized is important for a teacher so that you can use time effectively and stay on track!