Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thing 12

Thing 12 is probably one of my most favorite technological topics.....GOOGLE!
Google used to be just a search engine, not anymore! I have an android smart phone that is powered by Google. The first step in entering the Google world is to set up a Gmail account. I have a Gmail account because of my phone. Go to and set up a Google email account. After you have done that you can set up an IGoogle homepage on your computer, customized to your design of background and content within news feed. Google offers a variety of features. There is the Google calender, Blogger, Shopper, Translate, Reader, and so much more. Google makes it easy to set up your own blog, remind you of events, shop online (safely) and save all your pictures in one place. The best part is if you get stuck somewhere in the process of accessing any of these great tools, you can Google how to do what it is your trying to do. Google teaches me something every day. If I don’t know something, I Google it and most of the time I find what I am looking for. Google could be a very powerful tool for a teacher because you can access so many webpages, calibrate your calendars (classroom and personal), set up a classroom blog, and safely back up your pictures so they don’t get lost. Google is a great resource and I am so excited to see what new features it acquires.

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  1. Wow! I must admit, I did not know that Google did all these things! I have always just used it for a search site, but I will definitely be looking into using it in my future classroom. It seems to be a great source for planning and of course information.