Friday, September 7, 2012

Thing 6

Thing 6 goes along with thing 5. I ask us to select a site from Web 2.0 Award nominees and explore that site. I choose the site I was not aware how to use this site or that it even existed until this semester. If you’re like me, I’ll inform you. Diigo is an online website that provides the service of bookmarking and sharing. It is a way to highlight and save things from the web and share them with others through Facebook or Email. The neatest thing about Diigo is you can view the source you have highlighted even after that source may no longer be operating. So you can save your favorite sights forever! For the purpose of our class and use in the classroom, Diigo has a feature that allows users to join groups and share information within that group. This is a great tool for collaborative work and for finding sources with the help of your classmates. I could see endless possibilities for this site with middle to high school level children. Research papers and science fair projects could be completed much faster and researched more thoroughly with the use of Diigo. Students could also back up their research to show the teacher how they arrived at their conclusions. Please click the following site to learn more about this great educational tool!


  1. I had no idea about Diigo until it was introduced in our course. So far, I love Diigo! There are so many helpful sites published that pertain to my interests and needs. I've actually subscribed to a few sites that our fellow classmates introduced in class during the "Website of the Day". It is great that members of the site have access to the sources even after it is longer operating. I have been on sites where the source is deleted after some time and that bothers me because I may have needed that source for a project.
    Insightful post!

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Diigo is useful for me because i have a lot of classes where we research and look at a lot of different websites. I like the highlighter feature because i can highlight over what we talked about in class and go home and look it over again!