Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thing 2

Thing 2 is about my experience creating my blog and my avatar!
I decided to make my posting name teaching and technology because I plan to keep updating my blog even after this class with new technologies for learning and teaching. Creating the blog was really fun and easy. I have an android smartphone, powered by Google, so I already had a Gmail/Google account and blogger is powered by Google. All I had to do was choose a user name and URL, then make my blog pretty and interesting. We created our avatars through a website called It will have you choose a user name and password so that if you want to change your avatar you don't have to start all over, your previous one will be saved. I created an avatar wearing a wedding dress because I am a happily married newlywed. Wedding planning was on my mind all last year and I guess I'm still kind of in that wedding mode because I'm a bridesmaid in my sister-in-laws wedding. I also gave my avatar a Starbucks cup because I love Starbucks coffee!

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