Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thing 4

Thing 4 is about communicating with your peers and sharing tools with them.
Commenting on each other’s blogs helps us to establish a sense of community and interaction with our fellow classmates. I would be much less motivated to post blogs and to keep blogging if I felt like no one would read it. It also helps give us feedback on things we may be doing right or wrong. On most of the blogs I read they felt like blogging was a good way to stay connected with the parents of your students and the students themselves. I read on blog that had the idea of posting a calendar with school events and homework assignments.  I selected several bogs to comment on. I choose many of the blogs from people in our class and picked the most interesting to me to comment on. Our class only had 5 people with active blogs so I choose those 5, Kelsi Clark, Cecily Brooks, Doreen Merickle, Brittany Maultbay, and Marilea Blair. I choose two others that were not in our class Melissa Pennington and Sammantha Bellofatto because I was impressed that they were past thing 4!


  1. Kayla, I agree that this is a great tool to stay connected with parents, students, and peers. Thanks, Stephanie

  2. I agree, I would feel less motivated if no one gave me a positive comment. I also agree that comments can help parents and teachers stay connected. I think that it will help students too if parents and teachers work together to help their students achieve.