Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thing 9

Thing 8 is about online generators. An online generator is a fun and easy was to edit your images or to manipulate other graphics to fit into your subject.This project was a little challenging for me because the website i choose to use was not very "user-friendly." I think that online photo generators could be a great way to illustrate your projects and power point presentations. The first generator i played with was on this website you upload a picture and add it to a funny background,add text bubbles, or turn it into a fake magazine cover. I found a fake magazine cover that said "Just Married" and added a picture of my husband and I. This tool could be helpful in an elementary grade level to make a magazine cover with their classes picture on it and the subject that the students are learning about. It would be a great way to get children involved in active learning. 

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  1. Kayla, I thought this post was really cute! I agree with you that making a magazine cover would be a great way to get the children involved. I remember those kind of activities were always my favorites in school!