Friday, September 7, 2012

Thing 5

Thing 5  asks us to blog about our reactions and thoughts regarding articles about Web 2.0 and what school 2.0 means to us as future educators.
  The further technology develops into a more complex resource, the more of a necessity it becomes for us as teachers to interrogate technology into our classrooms. I have said before that technology is too great a resource to not exploit. Web 2.0 is a class that uses tablets, clickers, laptops, smart boards, and smart phones as part of the learning process. I find that our students, as do I, use these materials for social networking, games, and communicating outside of the class anyway so why not utilize these tools and work with them to help better educate our students. When a textbook is delivered to the student the information in that book is already outdated, but on the Internet new information is posted every minute. I think that Web 2.0 is great; it’s a great way to introduce students to technology and teach them about safe Internet usage. Technology of some kind is required in just about every field and career these days, so the sooner the students get introduced, the better.

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  1. Kayla
    You are absolutely right on our technology usage. Adults and children of all ages use technology as social networking, games and other fun activities but we most often times we do not look at these items as a tool to build our academic knowledge and we should. I believe school systems do all they can to provide technology so that our students can see the advantages they provide.