Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thing 13

Thing 13 is about web based applications. This means applications such as word processing and spreadsheets. Google Docs and Zoho Writer are some great tools for publishing documents. Zoho Writer enables the user to create documents without the need for installing software to your hard drive. Some really simple ways you could use this in your classroom could be making newsletters or assignments such as writing projects, crafts, or worksheets. Google Docs differs from Zoho Writer in that Google Docs collaborates between users to allow communication. These tools would be helpful in sending work to students who are sick or unable to attend class. I created a sample assignment on Google Docs to get a good look at how user friendly all of its features are. The link is provided below


Thing 12

Thing 12 is probably one of my most favorite technological topics.....GOOGLE!
Google used to be just a search engine, not anymore! I have an android smart phone that is powered by Google. The first step in entering the Google world is to set up a Gmail account. I have a Gmail account because of my phone. Go to and set up a Google email account. After you have done that you can set up an IGoogle homepage on your computer, customized to your design of background and content within news feed. Google offers a variety of features. There is the Google calender, Blogger, Shopper, Translate, Reader, and so much more. Google makes it easy to set up your own blog, remind you of events, shop online (safely) and save all your pictures in one place. The best part is if you get stuck somewhere in the process of accessing any of these great tools, you can Google how to do what it is your trying to do. Google teaches me something every day. If I don’t know something, I Google it and most of the time I find what I am looking for. Google could be a very powerful tool for a teacher because you can access so many webpages, calibrate your calendars (classroom and personal), set up a classroom blog, and safely back up your pictures so they don’t get lost. Google is a great resource and I am so excited to see what new features it acquires.

Thing 11

Thing 11 is about finding blogs and website that are appropriate to follow.
Google blog search is a great tool to help you find blogs., Technorati, and other Edublogs award winners are great resources when it comes to finding blogs. Personally I am obsessed with Pinterest helps you find great blogs in the education category. That’s how I found most of mine. I found a couple of great teacher blogs, kids is a blog dedicated to educators and parents of school-age kiddos. Google makes it really easy to find blogs in any category that you're interested in.

Thing 10!

Thing 10 is about RSS and newsreaders. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. That means it is a file format for delivering regularly updated information over the web. The best way I know how to use this would be to set up a Google reader account. If you already have a Gmail account then you just need to go to Google reader and sign in and subscribe to any blog or news site that you like. I love this feature because it put all of my favorite websites and blogs in one place, and even better it tells me when they post new stuff. Basically this site surfs the web for you. I think that this is a great site for consolidating all of your sources into one place. In your classroom you could subscribe to tons of teacher blogs and bag, borrow, and steal ideas to help your students learn from those sites.

Thing 9

Thing 8 is about online generators. An online generator is a fun and easy was to edit your images or to manipulate other graphics to fit into your subject.This project was a little challenging for me because the website i choose to use was not very "user-friendly." I think that online photo generators could be a great way to illustrate your projects and power point presentations. The first generator i played with was on this website you upload a picture and add it to a funny background,add text bubbles, or turn it into a fake magazine cover. I found a fake magazine cover that said "Just Married" and added a picture of my husband and I. This tool could be helpful in an elementary grade level to make a magazine cover with their classes picture on it and the subject that the students are learning about. It would be a great way to get children involved in active learning. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thing 8

Thing 8 calls for us to explore different "mashups". A mashup is a hybrid web app that uses features from photo sharing sites and mashes it up with another site. Using a website called Spell With Flickr I spelled out a word and it showed me that word using images from Flickr. This site could be used for an online scavenger hunt, where the teacher would choose a certain word and have the students research the images that come up for that word and report on their findings. Since most of the letter are different every time each student would more than likely find something different than their classmates. I think that online photo sharing is great way to share inspiring images with the world. However, there is a lot to be said about caution in uploading pictures of yourself and your loved ones. Always be sure to check what is in the background of the images and only upload something that you would not mind sharing with the world, keep in mind, that is what you are doing.

Stencil Letter M
Foam Stamp Letter S
Magnetic letter U